Hannah Yoon explores the world with photography

Joyce Jodie Kim hangs out in her art studio and room in Toronto. Kim uses the language of fashion, art, and literature to challenge the abuse of religion and/or culture in the Korean Christian community. Kim was born in 1995 in Vancouver, Canada. She has lived in South Korea and Canada. “As I encounter more and more situations where I have to face my Asian identity, I often find comfort processing my struggles openly through poetry zines, children’s books and social media. Photo by Hannah Yoon

Hannah Yoon is currently a freelance photographer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Her background is in photojournalism and documentary photography. She is interested in the way people relate to one another and am curious about how history impacts the present. She uses the visual medium as a way to explore underrepresented communities.
She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Psychology. Hannah also received a photojournalism diploma from Loyalist College in 2014. She is a member of Women Photograph & Diversify Photo and founding board member of the Authority Collective.

Here are some of her accomplishments: 2014 Tom Hanson Photojournalism Award, The Canadian Press & Canadian Journalism Foundation; 2014 Student Photographer of the Year, NPAC; 2015 Helge Hummevoll Scholarship, Missouri Photo Workshop; 2017 Scotiabank CONTACT Photo Festival – Muse Exhibition; 2018 Magenta Flash Forward winner; 2018 The Image Deconstructed Workshop Scholarship; 2018 Women Photograph Grant Shortlist; 2019 IWMF Gwen Ilfil Mentorship Fellow; 2020 New York Times Portfolio Review 

Loyalist photojournalism testimonial

Prior to going to Loyalist College for photojournalism, I had very little understanding of what photojournalism was. The best part of being at Loyalist was being connected to other like-minded photographers who valued the importance of visual storytelling. The teachers were supportive and helped us to develop our portfolio. We were lucky enough to be connected to people in the industry and have access to editors and photographers who have experience. It was a great stepping stone for me into the world of photojournalism. It sparked in me a desire to seek out interesting and different kinds of stories.”




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