Team Video – Family Hoops

Family Hoops

Basketball has always been the bread and the butter of the Barbeau family. Being on the court is a natural extension of Jim and Ryan’s life. They both have a solid past as players, with Ryan who had his shot as a professional baller a few years ago in Germany. Unfortunately, one of his knees blew while he was at the apex of his game and forced him to change his plan and return to Canada.

Jim, Ryan’s dad, has made his name as one of the best youth basketball coach of Canada. He coached his three kids and fostered numerous Canadian prospects. He is a teacher at the Nicholson high school in Belleville and last year was Ryan’s assistant coach at Loyalist College.

Ryan at 27 is the head coach of the Loyalist Lancers and finds himself extremely comfortable in his new role. Despite his young age he has no regrets about his short career as a player. Instead he admits, he was meant for that, as he has always been a leader on and off the court.

The father and son relationship is the core of this story. Both characters have a sincere admiration for each other, something that goes beyond the biological bound. They both are great learners and teachers at the same time. Passion and love for the game have been the key components for their achievements and kept them striving to better themselves and all the players lucky enough to get their guidance.

Jim is not scared of admitting he has taken his son’s cutting edge ideas about some aspects of the game, while Ryan’s admiration for his father’s values emerges constantly in his life and coaching approach.

Family Hoops is a three-minute glimpse on the court with two coaches and role models for several generations of youth.

Text by Giovanni Capriotti
Stills by Hannah Eden

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