Luke Hendry keeps connection with Loyalist

Evan MacDonald, 6, of Belleville, Ont. laughs as his pug, Frankie, gets nosy while playing in the shallows of the Moira River in Belleville Monday, Aug. 11, 2014. Evan’s father, Bryan MacDonald, brought them to the slow-flowing river near Station Street to cool off as the day’s high temperature hit 28C, feeling more like 33C with humidity. Luke Hendry/The Intelligencer/Postmedia Network

Luke Hendry studied print and broadcast journalism at another college, and, at the start of his final year, was hired by The Toronto Star as one of a group of student reporters staffing the police radio room. After graduation, he was a freelance reporter and researcher, followed by more than four years of reporting and photojournalism for an independent weekly newspaper. Hendry enrolled in 2013 in Loyalist’s fast-track photojournalism program and “jobbed out” to The Intelligencer daily newspaper as a reporter-photographer, where he remains. He taught in the program from 2011-2013, served as supervising editor for the college’s Pioneer newspaper from 2006-2015, and freelance occasionally. Hendry also serves on the Loyalist photojournalism advisory board.

Photojournalism program testimonial:

Already a reporter and mostly self-taught photographer, I went to Loyalist to improve my photojournalistic skills but received much more. I was amazed by the environment: experienced, supportive, caring, accessible faculty; classmates who challenged one another to excel and cheered others’ success; and a well-rounded program which adapts to a changing industry. It was the best learning experience I’ve ever had, which is why I remain involved with the program.

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