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Shout Sisters

Musician Georgette Fry, 61, who has created 17 different women’s choirs scattered across Ontario, called ‘Shout Sister.’ Fry is the conductor for three choirs, located in Kingston, Picton and Brockville. The age group ranges from five-year-olds right up to women in their 80s. Every Thursday from September to the end of January, they practise for one big performance, which can be anywhere.
The audience can range from 300 to 700 people, sometimes more, depending on how much the theatre or venue can hold. The group starts up again in February and continues until June.
“It’s a 10-month thing, that’s broken into two five-month sessions,” Fry said. The Shout Sister Choir also performs at local events and fundraisers along the 10-month journey, free of charge, so long as the fundraiser is for a good cause. “We like nothing better to get all dressed up in black, put on some sparkles and get on a stage,” Fry said.

In Kingston, Fry was teaching private voice lessons for 13 years before she started the women’s choir.
One of her students offered the idea to Fry of starting a choir back in 2001. Fry laughed and said to the student, “How could I start a choir if I can’t read sheet music?” The student said, “You’ve taught music without the benefit of being able to read music, couldn’t you expand that to a larger group?”
Fry was intrigued by the idea. It was one month later that the student brought
Fry 10 women who wanted her to create a choir so they could join. Fry laughed and said, “Get me another 10 and I’ll do it.” Shortly after that, women continuously called Fry, asking if they could join her choir. The first night that Fry created he choir in 2001, 50 women showed up. By the second night 70 women had come forward to be a part of the choir.

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